Duquesne Club Health & Fitness


$495: Early Bird Full Weekend - Pay by check

Send a check for $495 payable to Duquesne Club and mail to: Jenny Lake, Duquesne Club Health & Fitness, 325 Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Complete registration occurs upon clearance of funds.


Join us for a full weekend of Pilates workshops, nerdy Pilates chat and workouts!


PMA credits are available for this weekend; one credit is earned per hour of attendance at individual workshops.


We’ll start with my new favorite topic in Navigating the Pilates System: Skills to Cultivate on your Journey. Using dynamic opposition, we’ll look at fundamental exercises on the Reformer, the Mat and all around the studio. The 2-way stretch will uncover key skills in the Pilates Method. How (and where?) is a skill first introduced? Where can it be most accessible? Where might it present the greatest challenge?


In our next workshop, A Cadillac Refresher: The Unsung Heroes, we’ll apply our 2-way stretch to Cadillac exercises we use every day in our studios. We’ll dig deep into challenging progressions and ultimately create a successful Standing Arm Springs experience for you and your clients.


In a vigorous ending to the weekend, we’ll tackle the 3 Pilates Chairs (High Chair, Wunda Chair and Arm Chair) and the Barrels (Small Barrel, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel). The Chairs and Barrels will refine our 2-way Stretch and further reveal the connections to the upper and lower body. How do the Chairs and Barrels function within the Pilates Method? What are the challenges they create? What connections can they facilitate? I look forward to seeing you there!

PILATES ANDREA - Early Bird Check (before April 1), Full Weekend